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Fiber Optic Communiqué, Business Internet, Voice and Unified Communications

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Our main differences

1. Skill

  1. Ability to Integrate Technologies — Today’s MSPs must understand how all programs, systems and devices in their client organizations function separately and work together.
  2. Ability to Understand Cloud Services – MSPs must understand how the cloud works, how to secure it and what compliance issues their clients must manage.
  3. Ability to Understand Different Programming Platforms — Until recently, a clear division between programming and infrastructure existed. Now, in many instances, software and hardware are integrating and melding quickly. MSPs must understand how the two parts of the new whole of technology communicate and understand each other.

2. Experience

Since 2003, Plan B Network Services has been providing technical services to SMB businesses. Sought out by company with complex needs. Plan B Network Services has risen to the task of tackling complex situations and making it look easy. Our knowledge of complexities and network stabilization. Differentiates us from other MSP’s. We know what it is to be successful. We know how to make your company operate. We know how to redesign networks.

3. Quality

IT services quality management. Is the practice of ensuring and managing the quality of IT services. Delivered and utilized within an organization.

It is a term that includes a number of different techniques and processes to ensure that IT services. Meet or exceed the desired quality standard at Plan B Network Services.

4. Guarantees

A customer service guarantee is a set of two promises: a commitment by Plan B Network Services to its customers. To make good on a promised level of service and a commitment to compensate customers. If the first promise is not met. Successful companies promote their service guarantees to everybody. This ensures that Plan B Network Services delivers on the first promise.

Company policy

About Plan B Network Services

We are a strategic IT partner delivering top-level IT support and strategic recommendations that evolve and adapt to your changing business environment. We can help you develop cost-effective, flexible support options. Right-sized to fit your needs. Our highly responsive team of IT experts. Will update and manage your systems to ensure your users. Are able to work efficiently and without disruption.

Annual certification of employees

Plan B Network Services executives believe that having the best trained and certified technicians holds us to a higher standard. We certify and train our IT engineers to work work on our customers network with the intelligence, know how and vast common sense.

High standards

High standards start at the top. The leader sets those standards and communicates expectations to the key people who then communicate them throughout the organization, no matter whether the whole organization consists of one person or thousands. They train people on the standards, create metrics and review procedures to ensure the standards are maintained and enforced.

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